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 Appropriate Behavior

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BeitragThema: Appropriate Behavior   Mo Jan 05, 2009 8:44 am

This is very important so I want every TTD member to take this seriously. Some rules apply to Admin only but most apply to all TTD members.

1) You must not, under any circumstance, override another Admin's commands/votes without proper reason (for example, if an Admin is abusing their power). You must also not change a map or do a map vote if you have only just joined the server. It is not fair to make the map change just because you don't like it.

2) You must not use your Admin powers to cheat on ANY TTD server. This includes (among other things) God mode, extra HP, unlimited ammo, speed hack or any other commands that give you an advantage or someone else.

3) You must NOT blatantly accuse anyone of cheating. If you suspect speak to an Admin and they will follow procedure. Admin should definitely not break this rule as you are an example for TTD.

4) Aggression towards other TTD members WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If you cannot deal with your issues in an adult manner, you are not the kind of person we want in TTD. This is by no means a limit on what you can say, everybody gets angry when playing this game but personal attacks, name calling or any other form of discrimination which could lead to a dispute WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Admin's again are expected to lead by example with this rule.

5) Respect Admin, other players and especially the Clan Ranking ( This should be self explanatory but it seems some don't get the idea. Admin must especially follow this rule. No matter how much power you have in TTD, if you donate or if you are the best player you must always respect your fellow players/Admin and must not forget the rank exists for a reason. Disrespecting someone who is ranked above you shows a total lack of disrespect for the clan and again WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Use your common sense, simply avoid doing something that may offend someone. Other TTD members are not your enemy and it does no good to the team when other people let their own aggression spill over into arguments. It may seem harsh but I have to make this 100% clear, no matter what your status in the clan your place is not safe if you do not follow these procedures. We will not have people in the clan who may give TTD a bad name, no matter who you are.

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Appropriate Behavior
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