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 How to spot HaCkErZ

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BeitragThema: How to spot HaCkErZ   Fr Okt 10, 2008 6:37 pm

Here are a few ways to tell if somone is hacking, firstly though, it takes one to know one so watch these video's. They will explain what a hacker see's incase you don't know.


There are two versions of Wallhack The first is in the video I posted and the second is very similar, however walls are not see through. The hacker gets a message on screen showing enemy HP/AP and weapon, but see's a figure of the enemy from anywhere on the map.

Here are some tips to spot Wallhack...

1 ) Does the player suddenly change direction to face an enemy when the enemy is making no sound?
2 ) Does the player "track" thier cursor on a target behind a wall until they are visable?
3 ) Is the player just anihalating people through walls?
4 ) Does he always seem to go in the direction on the enemy?
5 ) Is the player camping a lot behind a wall/box and tracking enemies as they run about?

There are about 5 versions of Aimbot I know of, and this isn't including private hacks. Aimbot is usually quite easy to spot. If it is an old aimbot, watch for certain odd things the hacker may be doing. For example, the origional aimbot just spins the upper body of the hacker constantly and hits HS every time, this is obviously very easy to spot but for the better hacks here are some tips...

1 ) Is the player moving erratically? (is his cursor shaking, does he look like he is having trouble keeping it straight?)
2 ) Are 90% if not all of the players kills head shots?
3 ) Does the player "track" thier cursor on a target behind a wall until they are visable?
4 ) Is the player popping in and out behind a wall too quick to be accurate but getting a kill with each time he pops out?
5 ) The players score!!! Most people using aimbot can't help themselves and have to be at the top of the table.

Be vigilant, and DO NOT accuse anyone of hacking until you are almost certain of it. Please read the announcement entitled "Rules for Hacker Bans" before banning a player you think is hacking.

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How to spot HaCkErZ
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