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 Recording/Converting Video's

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BeitragThema: Recording/Converting Video's   Di Jan 27, 2009 1:19 pm

Recording Video's (the easy part)

This is amazingly simple.

1) Load CZ and join a server.

2) Open the console and type "record demo_name".

Like a Star @ heavenLike a Star @ heaven ("demo_name" is the name of the demo, you can replace that with anything you like. For example, "record me_on_dust2". This would save the demo as "me_on_dust2". If you want to use spaces in the name you must use the underscore "_")

3) The demo will record immediately and can be as long as you like. To stop the demo just type "stop" into the console.

4) To view the demo type "playdemo demo_name". This will disconnect you from any server you may be playing on.

Recording Video's (the hard part)

This is not so simple. Steam will save your demo as a HL file which can only be played by the HL/Source engine. You need a program called FRAPS which records the demo whilst you play it so you can save it in a format that will play on Windows Media Player etc. The only problem with this is the free version of FRAPS only lets you record 30 seconds of footage at a time which can lead to you missing moments you wanted on your video (as you cannot rewind a HL video and have to record as you watch). Following my step by step guide should see you sorted in no time though...

1) Download and install FRAPS...

2) Run FRAPS and select the "Video" tab.

3) Choose the FPS you want to record at, too much could make the video lag so be warned. (If your no sure, leave it alone and if the video lags when recording change it to a lower setting and try again).

4) You will notice a yellow number in the top left of the screen, this is your FPS (frames per second). Load CZ and type "playdemo demo_name" into console.

5) When you want to record press F9 (default FRAPS record key). The yellow FPS number in the top left should change to red showing it is recording, when it changes back to yellow the 30 seconds has finished and it is no longer recording. You can record as many times as you like but only for a maximum of 30 seconds (this is why it is easy to miss moments you wanted).

6) FRAPS will save the clips in the C: > FRAPS folder unless you stated otherwise during setup. You can view the clips and choose which you
want to keep.

Compiling, Editing and Converting

Unless you want a 30sec video your going to have to connect all the pieces with software like "Windows Movie Maker". The movie maker has its own instructions so I won't go into detail.

1) Load Windows Movie Maker and open the folder containing the FRAPS video's (not in movie maker, in its own window).

2) Click, drop and drag a FRAPS clip into Windows Movie Maker.

3) Edit the clip if you wish (trimming it etc) and drag it down to the "Timeline" at the bottom.

4) Repeat the process for all your FRAPS clips and edit as you wish (adding titles, effects, music etc)

5) Click "Save to my Computer" on the left side and follow the instructions.

Getting your Video's hosted on the Clan Site or Promotional Site (optional)

Video's are very big usually so sending them to myself or Thongy is not an option. If you want your video to be hosted you must create a YouTube account and upload the video. Once it is active, send a link to myself or Thongy and we will embed the video onto the websites.

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Recording/Converting Video's
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